What are the differences between the STR3, STR5, and STR7?

Generally, parents of younger children, from ages 6 months and up, prefer our STR5 or STR7 models as they have additional stages for growth and a baby footrest for babies who are unable to reach our lower, toddler footrest yet.

Parents of little ones from 10 months and older, usually prefer our STR3. The main differences between these models are color options, fabrics, accessory options, and the number of stages that the trike can be configured.

However, all smarTrike STR models include the following features:
- smarTrike’s patented “Touch Steering,” technology for effortless directional movement
- Safety brake system
- 5-point harness and surrounding safety bar
- Convenient storage bag, a reclining seat
- Extendable canopy

In addition to the features above, here are the differential features for each STR model:

STR7: 7 stages of development, 4-tiered canopy, parent-handle storage bag, and a large, luxurious storage bag.

STR5: 6 stages of development, 3-tiered canopy, parent-handle tray, and storage bag.

STR3: 6 stages of development, 2-tiered canopy, and storage bag.

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