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Spark 4 in 1 Baby Trike - Red


Product Description

Invigorate your outings with smarTrike®’s 4 in 1 Spark trike. Perfect for children 15 – 36 months, Spark's large front swivel wheel and Touch Steering® technology allow you and your little passenger to traverse all types of terrain with ease.
Spark adapts to your child's development throughout 4 stages, and comes complete with a trendy, durable color coordinated padded seat cover and multi-purpose storage bag to ensure comfort and organization on the go.

  • Stage 1 Stroller Mode: At 15 months and up, your child can safely use the foot rests and sit up comfortably in the padded seat.
  • Stage 2 Guided Trike: At 18 months when your child can sit upright on their own, simply remove the safety bar, allowing your child the feel of independence.
  • Stage 3 Training Trike: At 24 months turn the Spark into a training trike, allowing your child to learn how to pedal by themselves while under your guidance.
  • Stage 4 Classic Trike: At 30 months, remove the parent handle, turning the Spark into an independent trike which your child pedals and steers without your guidance.

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