smarTrike provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on its ride-on products (Tricycles, scooters, bikes).


Scope of the warranty

  1. The warranty period starts on the date of the invoice and ends on the same day in the same month 2 years later, and covers body and manufacturing faults.
  2. The warranty lapses immediately when modifications are introduced, repairs done or disruptions resolved without prior express permission from smarTrike.



  1. Condition for the validity of the warrant is that the products
  • Are used according to the application specifications recommended within the smarTrike user manual.
  • Are handled according to the maintenance instructions, if such instructions are given in the assembly instructions.
  • Are not exposed to unusual circumstances including excessive force or impact.
  • Are not exposed to mechanical and physical loads that cannot be considered as intended for that product.
  • Are not exposed to environmental influences, climate conditions or situations that can reasonably be expected to cause more than the usual level of wear.


  1. The warranty only covers failure of the products caused by demonstrable material, design and manufacturing faults and that exceeds the average nominal failure rate. The warranty does not cover the normal reduction of color during the product's lifespan.


  1.  The warranty does not cover
  • normal wear of steering mechanism, wheels, shock absorber, parent/child control, seat, safety features, brake system and fabrics.
  • damage due to intent or gross negligence.
  • deviations of the product compared with illustrations and information provided in our catalogue or other marketing documentation.
  • products which have been modified or repaired without permission from smarTrike.
  • an incorrect combination with other smarTrike products.
  • damage and shortcomings derived from unusual external factors such as natural disasters, misuse, incorrect use or abnormal use.


Procedure and evaluation

6.1 If the customer has received a product that demonstrates potential manufacturing, design or material faults, he must report this as completely as possible within 28 days after noticing it, using one of communication channels listed on the website. To be able to make a warranty claim, the customer must always report the number of the relevant invoice. The customer will receive a confirmatory email with a number code, # followed by numbers. smarTrike will process the report as quickly as possible.

6.2 If the customer would like a replacement for products that have been reported to be defect, he can specify this directly on the report or order it through the normal order process. These products will always be charged to the customer. As soon as the reported products have been returned to us, they will be credited after being checked, if they fall under the warranty.

6.3 If one or more products need to be returned, the customer will receive a return materials authorization (RMA) which contains a number. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the products should be returned within 4 weeks after receipt of the RMA. Products returned without a RMA number will not be accepted. If smarTrike does not want the reported products returned, and finds the warranty claim valid, then the replacement will be sent out free of charge or store credit will be issued.

6.4 In cases in which the claim is not a manufacture's defect, the customer is responsible for the return shipment and pays for it. The transport costs will not be reimbursed by smarTrike.

6.5 If there is any doubt about whether or not the problem with the defective products falls under the warranty, the burden of proof of the existence of manufacturing, design and material faults lies with the customer. The customer should submit the proof in writing to smarTrike.

6.6 smarTrike is granted a reasonable period to examine the defective product for

potential manufacturing and material faults.

6.7 smarTrike retains the right to take the final decision of whether a warranty claim is


6.8 The warranty period will not be restarted when the warranty is fulfilled. Replacement or parts are guaranteed until the end of the existing warranty period for the product or part that was replaced or in which it is installed.



7.1 A product demonstrating manufacturing, design or material faults will be repaired or replaced within the warranty period by smarTrike. If a repair is impossible, smarTrike can replace it with an equivalent product in consultation with the customer, or resort to crediting.

7.2 If smarTrike decides on replacement, a new product may vary in dimensions, construction, light characteristics, color or otherwise, compared with the original product, because that product is no longer produced in that form or is no longer available.


Liability clause

  1. smarTrike is not liable for any unusual or general resulting damage, damage to goodwill, and damage of any type done to third parties. The legal warranty rights remain unaffected and apply regardless of this warranty.


Final provisions

  1. The customer will not rely on any other information or documentation than that supplied by smarTrike. The customer will also not invoke any typing, printing and typesetting error in the smarTrike documentation.
  2. The customer can only transfer the rights to the warranty to third parties with the express permission of smarTrike.
  3. Any provision in this scheme which is wholly or partially void, voidable or otherwise inapplicable does not affect the application of the other provisions. For every void, voidable or otherwise inapplicable provision, a valid provision will be substituted that comes as close as possible to the inapplicable provision in spirit.